More Money or Enough Money?

Your perspective on money and wealth will change dramatically over time. Youth want to buy cool stuff. Young adults are tied to careers and raising families. Middle age folks begin to focus on retirement and enjoying the fruits of their labor. The elderly are concerned with security and inheritance. Finance is important, but only constitutes … Continue reading More Money or Enough Money?

The 4 Pillars of Humanity

Man is the sum of four parts: body, mind, soul, and spirit. I derive these categories from scripture and believe they are quite comprehensive. Disregard or neglect in one area creates problems in the other three. Today, many would make financial its own category, but I place wealth in body as it primarily relates to … Continue reading The 4 Pillars of Humanity

Lift for Life

In my post, Do You Even Lift? I strongly advocate weight training for all men. It is one of the most beneficial self-improvement activities possible. Discipline, perseverance, gratification, confidence, and respect are all part of the transformation. I recommend adopting fitness as lifestyle, something you incorporate into your daily routine. That way, it never becomes … Continue reading Lift for Life

Your Business as Part of Your Legacy

Vox has a post up about creating vs. complaining. Reading through the comments, the topic of greedy businesses practices was discussed. This is something that has irritated me for quite some time. Most large corporations care about one thing: maximizing profit at the expense of everyone and everything else. Having greed, one of the 7 … Continue reading Your Business as Part of Your Legacy