I grew up without masculine guidance in a dysfunctional family, but overcame that with disciplined study, weight training, and martial arts. By 23, I was fit, owned my first home, had money, a career, sports car, super-bike, and girls. I have lived on both sides of the massive cultural shift. Being single was fun, but family is far more rewarding.

I became a Christian shortly thereafter. No down on my luck sob story, God just reached out and grabbed my attention. The transition did create a 2-year period of turmoil as I struggled to make the necessary changes. Masculinity tempered with Christian redemption is the path to maturity, wisdom, and blessing. I have been married for twenty years, raised 2 awesome sons, and will be financially independent in 2 years.

I enjoy teaching and public speaking. I have been an instructor in some form or another for most of my life. I served 7 years as a police officer and resigned to join the military and served 20 years in the Army; 10 as a Black Hawk Standardization Instructor Pilot and 10 as a Physician Assistant with multiple combat deployments. I currently invest in real estate and will be going overseas next Spring for a one-year contract and will fully retire upon return.

In retirement, we intend to travel the world several months out of the year. We also have a local Christian Bible study consisting primarily of ex-military guys and I am finalizing a plan to help motivated young men invest in real estate. My goal for this blog is to encourage men to seek the truth and offer encouragement along the way regardless. Thanks for visiting.